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Get Those Fat Pants Out of Your House

I honestly wasn’t paying attention. At some point during the 20 years of my obesity, baggy sweatshirts and stretchy pants with elastic waistbands made their escape. They were initially designed to be worn during exercise. In the dark of night, these items of clothing snuck out of the gym and into our daily wardrobe. When did these sad sacks become the uniform for busy moms? Was it during the Clinton administration?

Don’t get me wrong. When I weighed 300 pounds, I was the Phelps County Queen of Sweatpants. I think I still have my crown. But as you begin to lose weight, this “fashion choice” won’t be your friend. It will actually hide all of your hard work. It’s time to set-aside part of your budget for clothing that fits. We’re talking about something very powerful here that goes beyond vanity.

It is hard to put into words how amazing it feels to step into a dressing room and walk out wearing a smaller size. Don’t think this is just a “woman” thing. It’s not. You can lose 20 pounds and no one will notice until you put that smaller body in clothing that actually fits. It is a powerful motivation for women and men, and it can give you the strength to keep going.

If you love to stretch a dollar until it begs for mercy, you’ll think about the expense of new clothes. You might even want to wait until you’ve hit your weight goal to buy new clothes. I agree that you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a size 16 if your goal is a size 8. However, sacrificing now to “look good” later is a mistake. It robs you of the encouragement  (and yes, the compliments) you will get from family and friends. It also takes away the satisfaction of fitting into a size you haven’t worn in years.

It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on new clothes, but make a small investment in yourself. It will pay off and it will encourage you to keep the weight off. There are several economical options available. Shop the sales, checkout the “gently used” clothing shops or look for some good garage sales.

To help offset this expense, look for places to sell the clothes in your closet that are now too large for you to wear. You can put the money you make selling your old clothes toward buying newer items that fit and flatter your body. Don’t keep those bigger sizes as a “just in case I get big again” plan and believe that it won’t matter. Think of your weight loss like a poker game. It doesn’t get interesting until you are “all in.” By getting rid of those bigger sizes, you are officially “all in.” During my weight loss,  I knew that I could either #1 keep the weight off or #2 go naked. My neighbors are very glad that I chose option #1.


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