Using a Cutter Machine in My Arts’n’Crafts Projects

Why I Needed A Cricut Machine?

If you’re like most crafty moms, you do a lot of arts and crafts with your little ones. Your little ones have fun doing them and it keeps them busy.

A Cricut Cutting Machine is an ideal tool to keep on hand for cutting out shapes to give to little ones to glue onto other paper or to make gift cards with.

Another great idea is to use the Cricut to cut out trees, snowflakes, and other Holiday shapes and then decorate them for the Christmas tree.

Shapes can also be decorated and strung together for garland in and around the house. It’s great fun to use a Cricut machine and kids will enjoy watching the machine work. Just make sure that kids know not to put fingers in the machine.



There are many other uses for a Cricut machine. You can use them to print out labels for products, plasticware, rubber ware and even simply to put up on a wall. By the way, I got the idea to buy a Cricut by browsing the ole ‘Net Till I stumbled upon the Max Nash site. The page was called Cricut Explore Reviews. I also liked the Cricut comparisons page. Check them out.

Those sayings that people buy for their walls can be printed out with a Cricut machine and put up on the wall. It’s quick and easy and fun to use a Cricut.

Other fun activities will include all of the usual holidays. Halloween is ideal for making pumpkins, skeletons and the like. On Easter consider making eggs and decorating them.

The sky is the limit when it comes to using the Cricut for activities. Just about anything that people can come up with to make can be done on a Cricut machine.

There are various templates that can be purchased and they are quick and easy to install. It only takes a moment and you can be up and running on your next art project.

Imagine all the oohs and ahs of kids that are busy with crafts when you simply use the Cricut to make the cutouts.

Remember the old fashioned paper dolls you played with as a child? They are easier than ever to make and create wardrobes for with a Cricut.

You’ll have plenty of fun scrapbooking with your friends with one of these as well. Your scrapbooks will take on a new dimension when you use a Cricut to create designs and shapes to go on the various pages.

Although these are a bit pricey, if you’re going to be doing a lot of crafting, they will actually pay for themselves in short order. You’ll save hundreds on cut outs that you would normally buy for your scrapbooking or cardmaking.

You could even use it as a small business if you create your own designs. It’s fun and easy and great for all ages.

It can be addicting however so keep that in mind. You’ll have fun coming up with new ideas once you get going on your Cricut machine. Be the first in your neighborhood to get one and watch the envy of all your friends. A Cricut machine will be something you use frequently so buy plenty of supplies.